Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekend Trip

So.. getting time to blog is getting harder and harder

I wanted to post some pictures from our recent trip to Tampa for my Papa's 86th birthday party which was a sucess. We visited Ashley, Justin, and Sean... who tried to get a good lip lock in with baby P. We went to church with Baga.. and had Sunday lunch with Nana. Then Sunday night we made a pit-stop at my Baga Sue's house for fajitas and a rest. We headed back to J ville early Monday morning to prepare for the first day of school for Miss B.

pics of papa's b-day

My Aunt Leenie (My mema's sister)..... baby P LOVED her. She cooed and smiled... ADORABLE

Church with my Mom aka BAGA (first picture taken by Miss B)

Pictures of Baby Sean.... notice that in the one that Ashley is holding her... Sean gets slightly jealous and tries to push her away.... my favorite is the look of concern on B's face in the background.

Then he decided that he liked her.....

Baby P hanging out with Nana who got her some cool Georgia Bulldogs stuff... and B scored a Gator T-Shirt (Go Gators!) And mommy and daddy scored a cool Gator/Bulldog Flag for the upcoming season!

Baby P taking a snooze on Aunt Missy

Pitstop to see Baga Sue and Baga....P is smiling more and more now and cooing too!

All in all it was a great trip! Thanks to everyone for their hospitality. I hate that we don't live that close anymore.. but I am looking forward to our next trip down! Love you all!

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