Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a Week!

So it has been a week since I last posted... and a lot has happened.
First, last weekend Grandma and Papa from Georgia (Matt's Dad and Stepmom) came in to visit for the weekend. They got here Friday night and Saturday we cooked out! YUMMY.... This was their first time getting to hold baby P... and they brought gifts from their recent trip to Hawaii, as well as additional things that various people had sent them. A personalized blanket for baby P which she loves!

Then Monday night I drove down to Tampa for the first time because I was supposed to be going back to work. However, I didn't get work clearance from the doctor... so I ended up driving back on Tuesday. Stressful to say the least
So..Thursday again and I actually got 6 straight hours of sleep last night! P went down around 10:30...and she woke up again to eat at 4am! I was super stoked...I hope it happens again tonight! I have included pictures which say more than this post does!

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  1. Okay seriously the pic of Bri and Pressleilaying down is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! and then the last pic were shes smiling...soooo cute! AHHH I just want you to go back to work so I can see you all!